Special designed for Marble pattern,marble medallion,ceramic pattern,marble waterjet machining need,the ONEJET50-G30*20-AA sets a higher standard for precision pattern/medallion abrasive waterjet cutting;One of the best sellers from Onejet Waterjet;Water tank seperated and controler integrated,less space taken,easier for moving and loading into a container;Simple,quick and fast;the most effective model;All stainless steel covers with water splash & dust proof,easier for cleanning and always new machine looking

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Product Detail


Machine Demension

Food print-(L X W): 4800X4000mm;     Height(With tube):3500mm;     Weight(Tank Empty):2650kgs

Work Envelope

X-Y cutting range: 3000X2000mm;     Z axis travel:180mm;     Table Size:4350X2260mm;     AA:±10°

Standard Model Spes.

Dry running speed: X-Y  10000mm/min, Z  5000mm/min;     Repeatability: ±0.0254mm;     Cutting accuracy:±0.10mm


1, Machines are highly designed in South America and produced in China with strict production control, 

2, All top brands parts in machine, This ensures machine stable working and long life.

3, High accurate & High skilled assembly engineers.

4, Easy operation: NCstudio/ESA/ECS control for choose, programm easy and opertaion simple. cutting parameters date inside control

5, SERVOS: ALL servos in XYZ, M2,CANOpen or EtherCAT communication

6,Auto Lubrication system for all motion parts

7,Pressure can be adjustable in control system from 0-380mpa any time and any points. Save energy in cutting different materials

8,Integrated control with cutting table: save space, reduce wires problem compared with independently controler; fantastic looking; better operation;easy for trouble  shoot.

9,Accuracte abrasive feeding hopper with step motor controling,this ensures feeding continuous and accurately. Water & dust seals, backwater protection

10,All stainless steel covers for pump, cutting table, all stainless steel for controler,better protection、

11, All water & dust proof for whole machine


The GANTRY type Five axis AA is special designed for Marble pattern,marble medallion,ceramic pattern,marble waterjet machining need. Maintain and given precision with dualservo parallel to the axis "Y" and joined our unique system of protection against dust and splashes makes this to be one of the best machine in the market.

More details,please download Onejet Waterjet-Gantry Type

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