The high-pressure water wall drawing machine adopts advanced high-pressure water jet technology to draw the wall of the building. The high-pressure water jet breaks the cement surface mortar layer to form a rough surface on the concrete wall, so that the adhesive such as tile glue can penetrate well. Inside the wall, the bonding force between the bonding material and the base layer is improved to achieve reliable bonding.

The high-pressure water wall napping machine can be applied to the napping construction of concrete template pouring walls and prefabricated walls, mainly for napping the inner and outer walls of buildings before applying tiles, napping before anti-corrosion and waterproofing, napping before wall coatings, napping before basement waterproofing.

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Product Detail


Power: 30KW

Big flowrate Intensifier type pump with double intensifiers

Air conditioning cooling or Fan cooler

Inlet water pressure request: over 2 bars

working pressure up to 250mpa

maxi flow rate 6-8L/min

Hand gun: 10X0.15mm ruby

one day X 8 hours working=500-800㎡

Remote control, one button start and close pump

Size: 2000X1600X1500mm

Weight: 1600kgs

With Hand gun, remote controler,HP hoses

Onejet Waterjet
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