Height Position device; Laser pointer; water soften system;chiller; sludge removal; 1000kgs abrasive delivery system,Double cutting heads,Sheet loader etc

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Height Positioning device: very usefull for positioning the nozzle height at the first cutting pot of a programm; can be detecting the height of waterjet nozzle during cutting; detecting distance can be adjustable;

Laser pointer: it is designed for positioning XY easier for a waterjet cutting

Water soften: if the water quality is too poor, this can soften the water and make high pressure parts longer life;

Chiller: working enviroment temperature is over 40°, then we should consider chiller cooling system to instead fan cooler;

Sludge removal system: diffierent machine size will be recommend different removal system to move the sludge inside water tank after cutting, working by air;

1000kgs abrasive delivery system: it is designed for 1000kgs abrasive feeeding,do not need add abrasive so offten;

Double cutting heads:  Double cutting heads can make double cutting; any one of the head can work independently and the other one can stay in safe area;

Sheet loader: with hydraulic pump, can load 1000kgs sheet onto the cutting table

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