Waterjet cutting advantages


Today, we are here to list most of the advantages from waterjet cutting,expecially from Onejet waterjet cutting machine

1, a wide range of cutting
Can cut most of the materials, such as: metal, marble, glass, etc.
2, good cutting quality
Smooth cuts that do not have rough, burring edges.
3, no hot processing
Because it is cut with water and abrasives, it does not generate heat (or produces very little heat) during processing, which is ideal for materials that are affected by heat. Such as: titanium.
4, environmental protection
This machine is cut with water and sand. This kind of sand does not produce toxic gas during processing, and can be directly discharged, which is more environmentally friendly.
5, no need to change tools
You don't need to change the cutter unit, one nozzle can process different types of materials and shapes, saving cost and time.
6, reduce burrs
The water knife is cut with abrasive sand, and the incision has fewer burrs.
7, programming quickly
The program is mainly generated by CAD drawing software. You can design line drawings freely in the layout, or input DXF files generated from other software. In addition, the machine supports third-party software, such as nesting nesting typesetting software (for putting graphics in Filling the workpiece to minimize workpiece loss).
8, fast programming
Other software-generated programs can be transferred to the machine. It can establish the tool path from CAD and can calculate the precise positioning and cutting speed of the cutter head over 2000 points/inch (800 points/cm). You need to do it. Just specify the material and thickness you want to cut, and the rest of the work is done to the machine.
9, combined with other equipment, you can operate separately
Water cutting machines can be combined with other processing equipment (such as drilling heads) to take full advantage of their performance and optimize material utilization.
10, reduce the number of adjustments
Only a small amount of side pressure is required for the workpiece to be fixed, reducing the trouble of complicated clamping.
11, no cutting direction restrictions → can complete a variety of different cutting shapes.
12. The lateral and longitudinal forces generated are extremely small → the set-up time and the cost of using the fixture can be reduced.
13. Drilling and cutting functions can be completed with the same machine → Reduce process time and cutting cost.
14. No thermal effects or deformation or fine cracks → No need for secondary processing, saving time and manufacturing costs.
15, will not produce toxic gases → can provide a better working environment for operators.
16. No burrs are generated → The time required for manufacturing the workpiece and the manufacturing cost can be shortened.
17, fine cut → can reduce the production of a large number of waste materials, saving direct manufacturing costs.
18, the workpiece can be cut in one time and has good trim quality → can reduce process time and cost.
19. Flexible adjustment according to design and workpiece material → It can shorten the time from order to finished product output, increase production capacity and bring more business opportunities to enterprises.

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