ONEJET50 Waterjet pump

The Standard pump for abrasive waterjet cutting; 50HP can meet the cutting demand for 0-150mm thick materials cutting; Standard fan cooler integarted; Strong steel structure with SS doors,small space take,easier mantainning; USA intensifier and top brands parts;All alarms protection; Lower Noise design

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Product Detail


Machine Demension

Food print-(L X W): 1300X1900mm;     Height(With tube):1650mm;     Weight:1050kgs

Standard Model Spes.

Maxi bearing pressure: 4137bar;     Stable working pressure: 0-360MPA;     Maxi fowrate: 3.7L/min;  

Power: 37KW/50HP;     Full load: 72A;     Maxi oil pressure: 21MPA;     Pressure ratio: 1:20(oil:HP);  Noise: less than 80db


1, Pump is highly designed from lower nosie, easy mantain, more safe,less space and longer life;

2, All top brands parts in machine, This ensures machine stable working and long life.

3, Dust and water proof design;

4, Integarted fan cooler inside;

5, PLC controled with all alarms protection: no water alarm, oil level alarm,over-load alarm,over-stroke alarm,over-pressure alarm,over temperature alarm; all shows on screen;

6,Water booster inside to ensure enough inlet waterjet for pump working;

7,Pressure can be adjustable from 70-380mpa any time and any points. Save energy in cutting different materials

8,USA intensifier,reliable and stable;

9,All high pressure materials for all joints for HP ways,Imported tubes


The ONEJET50 pump for waterjet cutting machines is the most popular on the market.

More details,please download Onejet waterjet-50HP PUMP

Onejet Waterjet
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